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Dec 26 2017

HP Logic Analyzer PC

This is not a Hewlett-Packard logic analyzer. It’s a Core i5 Windows PC.

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Nov 20 2015

Re-creating a Byte Magazine Cover as a Photograph

The cover of the July 1977 issue of Byte magazine showed a train chugging around a printed circuit board (PCB). When I started making PCBs as part of my electronics hobby, I got the idea of re-creating this image as a photograph of a real circuit board with a model train on it. This was a challenging …

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Nov 01 2014

Punch Card Printing Plate Pencil Holder

40 years ago, everyone hated “IBM cards”. I remember folding, spindling, and mutilating them out of spite. Now, they’re an object of nostalgia. When I got my hands on one of the actual printing plates that was used to print the cards, I had to treat it with the respect and dignity it deserved. So …

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Nov 06 2013

Heathkit Hack #3: Improving the ET-3300 Breadboard

I use a Heathkit ET-3300 powered breadboard for my prototyping. But setting it up has always been a chore in itself. I need to run wires from the power supplies to the power buses, which is messy (though admittedly not nearly as messy as the rest of the circuit will be) and often add voltage …

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Oct 29 2013

Heathkit Hack #2: Hacking a Heathkit Clock

One of my most precious possessions is a Heathkit clock I assembled as a kid. But it has some shortcomings: it loses the time and alarm setting if the power is interrupted, and adjusting it for Daylight Saving Time is a pain. So I decided to retrofit it with a GPS receiver to get the …

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Sep 01 2013

Vintage Mainframe Hard Disk Clock

Many people are turning old hard disks into clocks. They disassemble old disk drives and put a clock mechanism behind the mirrored disc platter. They’re using 3½” disks, so they end up with itty bitty little clocks. I wanted something big enough to hang on the wall and retro enough to satisfy my nostalgia for …

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Jan 02 2012

An Oscilloscope from the Trash

My neighbor put a working Heathkit oscilloscope out in his trash. Naturally, I rescued it. Time to make another clock!

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Dec 27 2011

Sexy Computer Calendar 2012

It’s that time of year again: time to make a calender that appeals to geeks as nothing in the stores can!

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Dec 26 2010

Sexy Computer Calendar 2011

According to Google, the search term “sexy calendar” frequently resulted in hits for galacticstudios.org. So to satisfy all you vintage computer pr0n fiends out there, here’s 12 more lovelies for 2011. And you can print them out to make your own calendar!

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Jun 05 2010

Today’s Clueless Kids

It’s been observed that each generation thinks it invented sex. Likewise, each generation thinks its video games are classics. Sometimes, you just have to smack these kids upside the head.

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