Dec 26 2017

HP Logic Analyzer PC

This is not a Hewlett-Packard logic analyzer. It’s a Core i5 Windows PC.

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Aug 21 2016

Upgrading a Vectrex to 32 Bits


The Vectrex was a unique home arcade game with a vector graphics display. It came with an 8 bit processor. I wanted to upgrade it to 32 bits.

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Mar 14 2016

When You Piss Off a Telemarketer

Angry PhoneRachel from Card Services is mad at me, and I’m suffering the consequences.

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Nov 20 2015

Re-creating a Byte Magazine Cover as a Photograph

Original Byte cover Photographic version

The cover of the July 1977 issue of Byte magazine showed a train chugging around a printed circuit board (PCB). When I started making PCBs as part of my electronics hobby, I got the idea of re-creating this image as a photograph of a real circuit board with a model train on it. This was a challenging project that involved several different photographic techniques, attention to geometry, model-building, wiring, and more.

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Oct 27 2015

A Kindle Weather Display, the Easy Way


I’m not the first person to turn a Kindle e-reader into a weather display, but I believe I’ve found an easier way to do it.

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Oct 18 2015

A Bicycle Inclinometer and Altimeter

Bike InclinometerIt was so easy to add a inclinometer to my bike using off-the-shelf hardware that I’m almost embarrassed to post about it here.

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Jan 26 2015

Interview with a Scammer

TechSupportI had a refreshingly honest discussion with a “Windows tech support” phone scammer who admitted to me he was a criminal and tried to justify himself.

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Jan 14 2015

Blueprintf – A Bluetooth Serial Monitor

blueprintflogoOne way of debugging microcontroller-based projects is to send messages out the UART serial port. Then, a UART-to-USB interface can feed the messages into your PC for display. But I wanted a small, portable device for viewing serial data without a PC, and I wanted it to use my cell phone or tablet for its display. Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 07 2014

Triple-Sensor Mailbox Alert

IncomingMailI built a triple-sensor mailbox alert to tell me when there is mail in my mailbox for me.

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Nov 01 2014

Punch Card Printing Plate Pencil Holder

Punch Card Printing Plate Pencil Holder

40 years ago, everyone hated “IBM cards”. I remember folding, spindling, and mutilating them out of spite. Now, they’re an object of nostalgia. When I got my hands on one of the actual printing plates that was used to print the cards, I had to treat it with the respect and dignity it deserved. So I made it into a pencil holder. And I have some extras so I’m selling them.

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