Apr 08 2010

Rotation Station for Hole Creation and Wood Ablation

It’s a cross between a workbench and a wheelbarrow, and it’s a great place for a drill press and router table in a cramped workspace.

My one car garage gets used for storage and a work area. We have a workbench, table saw, and band saw. When I got a drill press and a router table, there was no place to put them but the floor. I sometimes even sat cross-legged on the floor while using them.

The garage is too cramped for me to want another permanently-positioned workbench. I needed something mobile. And I wanted something cheap, because I am. But I couldn’t find quite what I wanted at any price. So I finally decided to make one.

The Rotation Station can be moved like a wheelbarrow

I modified the design of a workbench I found in Wood magazine to add a handle at one end and wheels at the other. I also added a big drawer to hold drill bits and router bits, and a shelf to hold my plunge router set. It’s built out of 2x4s, 2x6s, and plywood. It went together in about 16 hours and cost around $125.

It lacks the elegance of my table lamp, and the artistry of my arcade, and the je ne sais quoi of my wooden logic probe (and you know you’re in trouble when you lack je ne sais quoi), but it has an earthy primitiveness.

Since it holds all my drilling and routing equipment, I call it the Rotation Station for Hole Creation and Wood Ablation.


  1. admin

    Your description of all those power tools in close quarters suggests a new feature for a blog – a finger countdown.

    1. admin

      I hope I don’t lose all of them; I need at least one to drive in Boston.

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