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  • The Formation of the Galaxy
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My Brother’s New Business

My brother Steve got tired of working in the computer business, so he opened an indoor playground with a difference – this one’s for babies and toddlers.

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The Black Knight Development Platform

Cutting the Black Knight board

I wanted to switch to a microcontroller that I could program in C++, prototype with on a breadboard, had every peripheral I would ever need (including USB), would cost less than $10, and would keep working even after I hacked it to pieces. The result is the Black Knight board.

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Pizza-Inspired Printer Stand

I needed more room at my desk. A pizza restaurant gave me the inspiration I needed.

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An Oscilloscope from the Trash

My neighbor put a working Heathkit oscilloscope out in his trash. Naturally, I rescued it. Time to make another clock!

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Sexy Computer Calendar 2012

It’s that time of year again: time to make a calender that appeals to geeks as nothing in the stores can!

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A Deadly Toxic Souvenier

My mother is selling my childhood home. I knew the one souvenir I wanted to keep. The only problem was, it could kill me.

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Web Data on an LED Display

The LED display showing the current wind chill.

I built an alphanumeric LED display that connects via USB to my PC and can display RSS feeds, the weather (like wind chill, above), the time, or just about anything.

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Congenital Tremor vs. SMD

See that little rectangle the size of Lincoln’s nose? That’s an electronic component – a smaller version of the big red thing in the picture. I have a congenital tremor in my hands, so I assumed that I would never be able to work with components that small. Turns out I was wrong.

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The Formation of the Galaxy

So where’s the art? Why is Galactic Studios a studio? Here’s the movie that (re-)started it all.

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Sexy Computer Calendar 2011

According to Google, the search term “sexy calendar” frequently resulted in hits for So to satisfy all you vintage computer pr0n fiends out there, here’s 12 more lovelies for 2011. And you can print them out to make your own calendar!

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