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Nov 07 2014

Triple-Sensor Mailbox Alert

I built a triple-sensor mailbox alert to tell me when there is mail in my mailbox for me.

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Jan 29 2012

Pizza-Inspired Printer Stand

I needed more room at my desk. A pizza restaurant gave me the inspiration I needed.

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Jun 05 2011

A Deadly Toxic Souvenier

My mother is selling my childhood home. I knew the one souvenir I wanted to keep. The only problem was, it could kill me.

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Feb 20 2011

Web Data on an LED Display

I built an alphanumeric LED display that connects via USB to my PC and can display RSS feeds, the weather (like wind chill, above), the time, or just about anything.

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Apr 08 2010

Rotation Station for Hole Creation and Wood Ablation

It’s a cross between a workbench and a wheelbarrow, and it’s a great place for a drill press and router table in a cramped workspace.

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Dec 18 2009

Fun with Fungus

Captain Kirk once told Mr. Spock that he should be squatting on a mushroom. If it’s good enough for Spock, it’s good enough for mighty Dungeons and Dragons warriors. So my daughter and I used fungus to make these shelves for her D&D figurines.

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Dec 12 2009

Homemade Digital Clock

I wanted to design a clock from scratch. I ended up with a expensive, over-engineered, multiprocessing monstrosity. But it was fun.

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Apr 27 2009

Video Game Arcade

  Perhaps I’m a luddite, but I just don’t care for the modern video games. Gimme Lunar Lander or Zaxxon and you can keep your fancy graphics. I built an arcade so I can play the classic games anytime I want.

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Dec 29 2007

Wooden Super Probe

When my old Radio Shack logic probe broke, I built a new Super Probe – and enclosed it in exotic wood.

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Jul 01 2007

Bob’s Bird Blog

I put a webcam in a birdhouse. See my videos of birds building a nest, laying eggs, and feeding their young.

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