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Oct 18 2015

A Bicycle Inclinometer and Altimeter

It was so easy to add a inclinometer to my bike using off-the-shelf hardware that I’m almost embarrassed to post about it here.

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Nov 07 2014

Triple-Sensor Mailbox Alert

I built a triple-sensor mailbox alert to tell me when there is mail in my mailbox for me.

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Apr 03 2014

Finding the Cheapest PCB Manufacturer

I’ve built a website,, that lets you quickly and easily compare prices from several different printed circuit board manufacturers.

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Dec 19 2010

Really Easy Calendar Printer

Every year I make a calendar with pictures of my daughter. None of the available programs or services had the features I wanted so, as with my envelope program, I wrote my own. In the spirit of the season (New Year’s, not Christmas) I’m making it available free for downloading.

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Sep 01 2010

Really Easy Envelope Printer

Grandma needed a really easy envelope printing program. I wrote one, and it’s so convenient, I use it myself. Download it here and try it yourself.

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