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Bob’s Bird Blog in 3D

Three years ago, I put a web cam in a birdhouse and filmed wrens building a nest, laying eggs, and feeding the young. This year, I’m doing again. Except now I have two web cams in the birdhouse, set up to give me a 3D view. Watch out, James Cameron!

A description of the birdhouse. Go to to see what birds inside are doing.

Bob’s Bird Blog is back, and it’s better than ever! The web cam is much higher quality, and there’s two of them, so I’ll be posting videos in 3D (2D will be available, too). The cameras have microphones, so we’ll get to hear the squawks when a bird lays an egg and the raucous chirping of hungry chicks. The web cams are located behind a side wall, instead of in the ceiling, so we’ll get a eye-level view of the birds inside of a top view.

For those unfamiliar with Bob’s Bird Blog: back in 2007, I built a birdhouse with a web cam in the ceiling. Wrens moved in, and I got videos of them building a nest, laying eggs, and feeding the chicks. I posted the videos on the web, and you can find them at But I wanted to eventually do it better, and now’s the time.

As of this writing, it’s too early for birds to have moved in, but various creatures have visited (and even perished within) the birdhouse.

You’ll enjoy the videos more if you have red-cyan 3D glasses. If you live near me (and you know who you are) I have a few spares that I can part with. But you can also get them for free (essentially) on the web.  Search for “free 3d glasses” on the web and you’ll find places that will send them to you if you send them a self-addressed stamped envelope.

So go to Bob’s Bird Blog regularly and/or subscribe to its RSS feed, and watch the fun!


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